Company Culture

The purpose of Lulink's business: competing to win the market, create a combination of strength, integrity to create a brand, service weaving the future.

Lulink's corporate goals: learn from the pioneers of the industry and constantly improve himself to become the first choice for customers in addition to international brands, continue to expand the international market, and create a good reputation in the industry.

Lulink's mission: to contribute to the world's information civilization and environmental protection and energy conservation.

Lulink's entrepreneurial spirit: reform and innovation, enterprising enthusiasm, performance commitment, low-key work, hard work, just in time, trust and communication, teamwork.

Lulink's values: sincere dedication, willing to share, sincere cooperation, create lasting value for society, enterprises.

Lulink's philosophy: performance-oriented, efficiency-based, people-oriented, the pursuit of common development of individuals and society.