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USB 3.0 AM TO Micro B

USB 3.0 AM TO Micro B
Number: LK-USBCB006
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Specifications :

USB3.0 Cable

USB 3.0 AM TO Micro B

Connector : Nickel or Gold  plated

Conductor: Copper

Cable Color: Blue

Blue PVC molding

Cable Specification:  

CABLE: UL2725(28#*1P+D+AL+MYLAR)*2+28#*1P+24#*2C+AB

OD: 5.5mm



Polybag , PE bag ,blister



100% open & short test

HI-pot: DC 300v 10ms

Insulation Resistance:10MΩ /300V MIN

Contactivity: Resistance: 0.01Ω MAX

Working temperature: -25oC to +85oC

USB3.0 vs USB2.0 Feature




Data Rate

SuperSpeed (5.0Gbps)   additional

low-Speed (1.5Mbps)
  full-Speed (12Mbps)
  high-Speed (480Mbps)

Data Signal

SS OUT Differential Signal:   1 Pair
  SS IN Differential Signal: 1 Pair additional

Differential Signal: 1 Pair

Connector Signals

4 wires: SuperSpeed
  2 wires: DP/DM for USB 2.0
  3 wires: Vbus/GNDx2

2 wires: DP/DM for USB 2.0
  2 wires: Vbus/GND

Bus Protocol

No polling

Uses polling

Power Control

Configuration at multiple   link levels

Suspend/Resume by Port

Power Supply to Bus

Max. 900 mA

Max. 500 mA