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HDMI M to M Cable

HDMI M to M Cable
Number: LK-HDCB012
  • Product introduction

HDMI M to M Cable


Dual Color molding type HDMI cable, 19PIN M/M

24K gold plated or nickel plated connectors
PE inner mold, gold-plated copper shell

PVC injection molding the outer mold, color have white &  purple and different color

bare copper conductor, braided aluminum-magnesium wire


Cable specification:

1.3 Ver.
UL20276 30
or UL20276 30#(1P+A+MY)* 4P+1P+5C+AD+Jacket   OD:6.0MM or 7.3MM

1.4 Ver.

UL20276 30#
(0.254BC*1P+0.23BC+A+MY)*5P+0.23BC*1P+0.23BC*2C+ADB+Jacket  OD6.0MM 112B
UL20276 30#
(0.23BC*1P+0.23BC+A+MY)*5P+0.23BC*1P+0.23BC*2C+ADB+Jacket  OD7.3MM 112B

UL20276 28#

0.32*1P+0.32*D+A+MY)*5P+0.32*1P+0.32*2C+ADB+Jacket,OD7.3MM, 128B

UL20276 28#

(0.32*1P+0.254*D+A+MY)*5P+0.254*1P+0.254*2C+ADB+Jacket,OD7.3MM, 128B

Support: 1.3c/1.4 version, 1080P/1440P,10.2GGbps/15.2Gbps, 3DTV,Ethernet



High Speed with Ethernet,Audio Ruturn Channel,Supports 3D,4K x 2K Video and more color spare

A premium quality version 1.3c/1.4 HDMI to HDMI cable is suitable for use in 3D HDTV,home theater,DVD player,PS3,Xbox360,Setbox and other HDMI devices

High density triple shielding for maximum rejection of EMI and RFI

Compatible with multiple audio formats from stereo to multichannel sound

Transfer digital audio and video signals at warp speed of 15.2GB per second



100% open and short test

Voltage: 300V DC, 5MΩ/10ms

Insulation resistance: 10MΩ minimum

Contact resistance: 2Ω maximum

Working temperature: -25 to 80 degree Celsius



Polybag,Bubble blister