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HDMI  M to micro HDMI M  Cable

HDMI M to micro HDMI M Cable
Number: LK-HDCB002-AD-2
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1.4 Ver.

HDMI  M to micro HDMI M  Cable    
PE inner mold, gold-plated copper shell   
PVC injection tail mold +silver Aluminum alloy shell
Conductor: tinned copper/ braided tinned copper
3 layers shield standard wire gauge
UL20276 HDMI black wire of the half light and half fog
OD4.2mm,(7/0.067TC*1P+D+A+MY)*5P+7/0.08TC*1P+7/0.08TC*2C+AL/MY+7/0.08TC+16/5*0.08TC PVC Jacket