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SMC  16Core - light distributor wiring box

SMC 16Core - light distributor wiring box
Number: LK-09SMC16
  • Product introduction


1. This product is used in FTTH access system terminal access session, especially suitable for outdoor wall or hoop-style conditions.

2. Features and Structure Description

2.1 Case material fiberglass (SMC) material, free paint appearance, good gloss. The service life of more than 20 years

2.2 Two-tier structure design, optical splitter upper wiring layer and the lower layer of fiber splicing.

2.3 Optical splitter module drawer modular design, with strong interchangeability and versatility.

3. The main technical parameters (in line with YD, T988-2007 communication cable transfer box on request)

3.1 Working temperature: -40 + 60

3.2 Humidity: ≤95% (+ 40 )

3.3 Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa ~ 106kPa

3.4 cable into the Number: 1 x 2 root (lower feed cable)

3.5 leather fibers enter the number: 8 x2 root (lower feed fiber)

3.6 Door opening angle: ≥180

3.7 Ground level discharge withstand voltage: 3000V (DC) / 10mA / 1min

3.8 Insulation resistance: 2 × 10MΩ × 500V

3.9 Dimensions: 400mm x 300mm x120mm

3.10 Weight: 5500g

4 Installation and Precautions:

4.1 Wall-mounted:

4.1.1 Installed on the wall, according to shown in Figure 2 (or under the cabinet in kind) of the size of three plastic expansion screw positions are marked;

4.1.2 embedded 3 M5 plastic expansion screw base;

4.1.3 With M5 × 40mm self-tapping screws fixed to the wall cabinet.

Open and close the door of 4.3

4.3.1 Door open: the key is inserted into the keyhole on the right side (notched up), clockwise rotation of about 10 ° to open;

4.3.2 Box closed door: the cabinet can slam the door homeopathy (considering prestressed box sealing structure).