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distribution box

distribution box
Number: LK-DBCTB200-1
  • Product introduction

1.  Main Features and Description:

The boxes shall be used as a distribution point between underground cables or aerial cables and the subscriber installation cables /drop wires for indoor and outdoor application, and installed on poles or wall.

The CDS shall consist of two main parts:

 1.1 The CDS housing.  


1.2 The cable terminal block (CTS).


The accessories for the CDS should be submitted


The CDS should comply with the capacity of 200 pairs


2. The CDS Housing Construction:

2.1 The box housing shall be made of glass fiber reinforced poly-carbonate plastic materials to ensure: 

2.1.1 Effective protection of the cable terminals against unauthorized interference.

2.1.2 High degree of flame resistance.

2.1.3 Suitable for the any weather condition


2.2 The housing shall be mounted vertically on walls or wooden pools, fixation materials shall be supplied with each box.


2.3 A full size and preferably not detachable cover shall be provided, the cover shall be hinged to the housing and secured to the box by hinges .it shall be fitted with rubber stripe along its inner edge in order to become dustproof when closed.


2.4 In the bottom of the housing, inlets/outlets for secondary cables and subscriber cable/drop wires shall be provided. Appropriate sealing gaskets and retention clamps shall be available for secondary cables and subscriber cables/drop wires.


2.5 A metallic sheath clip shall be provided inside the housing in order to provide mechanical support of the inlets cables as electrical earthing of its metallic shield.


2.6 All metallic parts used in the box shall be of galvanized steel.

2.7 The lock of the CDS should be strong, durable for long life time and heavy duty.



3.1 The components shall be packed as complete kits containing all components necessary for installation including auxiliary components such as (drying agents, cleaning materials, ......).


3.2 Each component shall be protected to prevent damage during normal handling.

3.3 The final shipping cartons shall be of sufficient strength and durability to protect the contents from handling during storage and shipping by land, sea, and air.


3.4 The shipping carton design shall be capable of sustain a drop of 500 mm onto a solid concrete floor with no damage to the individually packaged units.