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distribution box

distribution box
Number: LK-DBCTB030-1
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 Outdoor Distribution Boxes for Krone Modules are highly versatile. There are three compact sizes with variable depth and is designed for surface or flush mounting. With just a few components, a high degree of flexibility is achieved at low inventory costs. The Krone Type DP boxes are made of polystyrene, a self-extinguishing plastic which ensures corrosion-free, highly impact-resistant, stable and maintenance-free use.


1. Installed with back mount frame for LSA-PLUS 10 pair disconnection/connection module, and protection element installation.
2. Materi
al: glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate plastic materials, (ABS fire-resistant PBT, PC optional)
3. Capacity: 30 Pair, 50 Pair, 100 Pair.
4. Color: Gray
5. Security: Key Lock or Screw Lock.
6. IP45, UV Protection
7. Dimension: 30 Pair Box-220*140*90mm
                       50 Pair Box-195*195*95mm



Technical characteristics

Characteristics of the contact connection
Connector of the distributive wire


Range of the section:

diameter 0,4… 1,2 mm

Diameter on the isolation:

it is maximal 5 mm

The current-response characteristics:

20 A(10 A on each conductor) during not less than 10   min, without the deformation of the module

Note: if is required resistance to the flow of current   from 20 A to 30 A, this is ensured by the application of gas-discharge   arresters of different types

Insulation resistance

“Dry” atmosphere:

> 10 12 Ohm

“Moist” atmosphere (standard ASTM Of d618, procedure   F):

> 10 12[Om]

Salt fog: (standard ASTM Of b117)

> 10 10 Ohm

Immersion beside the water: (15 days before 3% solution   Of naCI)

> 10 10 0[m]

The contact resistance

R of material + R of the contact cross connection + by   R of the contact connection of the wires

< 10 m

Increase in the contact resistance

After climatic testings:

<2,5 m 

After 50 connections - turning offs:

<2,5 m

Dielectric strength:

>3 kV of direct current during 1 minute

Mechanical characteristics


Hullthe material of strengthening the   block:

Stainless steel

Heat-shrinkable tubing:

Polyethylene with the adhesive sublayer

Screw of the connection of the distributive wire:

Special alloy Of zamac, [passivirovannyy], with the   paint and varnish coat

Housing of the unit of the connection of the   distributive wire:

Transparent polycarbonate


Polycarbonate, glass-reinforced, resistance to fire   “VO”

Fitted contacts: (before the module of connection)

Tinplated phosphor bronze

Contacts of the grounding: (before the module of   connection)

Alloy Cu - Zn - Ni - Ag

Contacts of the connection: (before the insertable   module)

Tinplated solid bronze

Sealing material before the lower part:

The epoxy resin

Sealing material before the upper cable part:

Silicon compound

Cover of the pair of the distributive wire:


Housing of the insertable module:

Polycarbonate, glass-reinforced, resistance to fire   “VO”

Sealing material of the insertable module:


The ring gasket:

Elastomer EPDM

Cable laying is the distributive wire:

Thermoplastic rubber