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Cross Connection Cabinet

Cross Connection Cabinet
Number: LK-CCC600
  • Product introduction

Cross Connection Cabinet Manual


Name of Commodity Cross Connection Cabinet 

Item No.LK-CCC600/900/1200

Size:  960mm*530mm*320mm for 600pairs

1435mm*750mm*320mm for 900&1200pairs

(Remark: Tolerances is±10mm)

Product Features:

It used for outdoor installation as point for flexible interconnection between the primary cables and the secondary cables of telecommunication cable heads. it shall consist of three main parts:The


It is molding by SMC materials  or glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate plastic material in high temperature.  The frame in good thickness, the door and bottom sealing plate are provided with sealing device, the waterproof grade is IP65.

Cable terminal blocks: 

it is separable to facilitate installation and replacement of any part during operation:

 the terminal block housing made of PBT materials.

 the terminal block is insulation displacement contact system (IDC). The connection system facilitates termination of cable wire without striping the insulation, without soldering and without screwing.

 the terminal blocks provided for 50, 100, and 200 pair shall consist of disconnection modules for 10 pair each, mounted on a back mount frame of stainless steel.

the individual pair terminals in each module shall have identification number 1 through 10. Each wire terminal shall be suitable for connecting two copper wires of 0,4 mm respectively 0.65 mm diameter .


 Insertion tooling, disconnection, plugs, test cords,4 sets of anchor bolts, the sealing mud, brochures, stickers, 3 keys.

Technical indicators

The use of environment: environment temperature: -40 to 55

Relative humidity:  ≤95% 

 Temperature: 40

Atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106Kpa.

electrical performance: contact resistance:  ≤3 MΩ

Insulating resistance:  ≥5×104MΩ 

Dielectric strength: 50HZ, 500V AC voltage 1min no breakdown and flashover phenomenon.

Waterproof level: IP65.

Flame retardant performance: V1