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USB Intelligent Socket/USB outlet/USB wall plate

USB Intelligent Socket/USB outlet/USB wall plate
Number: LK-OM009
  • Product introduction

USB Intelligent Socket/USB outlet/USB wall plate

Model NO.: LK-OM009


Product  Description


Size: 126*126*43 mm

Weight: 170 g/pcs

Color: White

Metal: Tin phosphor bronze

Plastics: flame retardant PC plastic.

Input Voltage:110-250 v / 50/60Hz

Input Current:16

USB Output: 5 v /2100mA

USB Ports:2 ports

Certification: CE, RoHS

Application scope: Suitable for all the intelligent equipments for USB charging


Product Features

1) It complies with CE and IEC standard.

2) LG brand; flame retardant PC plastic; IP: meets UL94V0 standard.

3) The design of USB plug is based on lightning, over voltage and over current protection

4) High performance built-in IC module & intelligent charger, with over current & over voltage & short circuit protection;

Design of 2 USB interfaces allows it to be automatically identified and loaded,

which ensures the quality of charging and prolong the life service of battery.

5) To ensure the product quality, each item has to be carried out a burning test for more than 8 hours, and USB has to pass 3000 V of safety testing.


Package and Transportation

Packing quantity: 60 pcs / 10 boxes / carton

Carton size: 650 mm (L) * 280 mm (W) * 280 mm (H)

NW/GW: 10.2KG/11.7KG

OEM / ODM Services: Custom Packaging, Trademarks or Other Requirements



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