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TV PC sharing module (HDMI type)

TV PC sharing module (HDMI type)
Number: LKPF032
  • Product introduction

Name: TV PC sharing module (HDMI type)



1, Modern family center life around parlour,; 2, Internet life is important part of family life; How to connect the 2 important parts? This product help you to build and improve internet and parlour life;

This product is used for VGA port computer and TV information sharing, is the most convenient and save way

1, No need to add more charge to put TV on internet; 2, Many TV of many rooms can connect to Computer, all TV could connect to internet, simple cabling, 3, Operate computer in different place, with wireless keyboard and mouse, keep family life in full control;



1,Own strong function of Surfing internet via TV, by connecting TV and PC

2,Support 1080P Signal via HDMI port, enjoy wonderful internet

3,Operate TV and PC in different place

4, Support TV side wireless keyboard and mouse usage and USB flash disk reading  via USB signal magnifie

5,Browse internet news by TV , big screen, wonderful experience

6,MSN chatting by TV, big screen, more happiness

7,Play internet name by TV, Big screen, more exciting

8,Browse Photo and pictures by TV, big screen, more beauty;

9, Cable length: ≤40M



Using cable:

1, Networking cable, 2 HDMI cable