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USB amplification wall plate

USB amplification wall plate
Number: LKPF026
  • Product introduction

Name: USB amplification wall plate


Size: 48*24mm

Product Features: support one group USB amplification signal transmission 

The product requires used in pairs that with receive terminal and transmit terminal 


Using cable: Network cable, such as CAT5E CAT6 CABLE


Extend distance: low-speed devices 100 m, high-speed devices 50m

• USB Standard: support USB1.1 protocol

• System: WINDOWS2000 / XP linux.

• Driver: No need driver

• Power: No need external power supply.


Wiring method:

Crimp the right length network cable,

Keep the plugs of 2 sides same arrangement way,

First orange white, Order: Orange white, Orange, Green white, Blue, Blue white, Brown white, Brown.

The other end of networking cable connect to Sender module RJ45 port,

The other end connect to receiver module RJ45 port.

Plug USB equipment(Such as USB mouse, USB printer, USB camera and others) into receiver module USB port,

If USB equipment need external power,, please connect external power.

Plug one end of USB cable into sender module USB port,

The other end of USB cable plug into computer USB ports,

The computer will start USB equipment 


Attention: This product just support USB 1.1 extension, if customer’s equipment is USB 2.0,then the equipment must be compatible with USB 1.1, then it’s workable . Due to the bad networking cable quality, it will lead to data error, cause unstable working situation, it’s not quality problem