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Computer power on wall plate

Computer power on wall plate
Number: LKPF025
  • Product introduction

Name: Computer power on wall plate



Product Features: support one group remote computer  start up control signal transmission, computer can be turned on in the distance


the back end for USB transfer cable connected with 485 standard network jack 

The product requires used in pairs that with receive and transmit

If USB signal in work state, Light red, or do not appear.


Size:  48*24mm

Using cable: Network cable, Such as CAT5E, CAT6 CABLE (if multi pairs, need 2 cores)

Wiring method:

Crimp the right length network cable,

Keep the plugs of 2 sides same arrangement way,

First orange white, Order: Orange white, Orange, Green white, Blue, Blue white, Brown white, Brown.

The other end of networking cable connect to Sender module RJ45 port,

The other end connects to receiver module RJ45 port.

If multi pairs using, connect power on wires with 2 core wires between each sender row in parallel way