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HDMI Module (Wiring terminal)

HDMI Module (Wiring terminal)
Number: LKPF015
  • Product introduction

Name:  HDMI Module Wiring terminal

Size: 48*24mm

Model: LKPF015

Product features Specifications

· Support to one set of HDMI signal transmission


Product Instructions:

Using cable: HDMI engineering cable

Wiring method:

There are 4 rows of thicker wire inside HDMI cable,

Each row with 2 cable and 1 copper wire.

4 Rows connect to DATA0,DATA1, DATA2 and Clock,

2 cables connect to + and –(Cable color must be same with the other side)

Copper Wire connect to GND.

The other cables connect to 13,14,15,16,17,18,19(Make sure correspond with the other side )

The outside shield wire connect to SGND ;