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Floor standing cabinet

Floor standing cabinet
Number: LK-NTCB016
  • Product introduction

Floor standing cabinet


Technical specifications:

1.    solid welded main frame maximum load capacity approximated 400kg

2.       The turning angle of front door is above 180 degree;

3.       Degree of protection: IP20

4.       obtuse angle column design

5.       top installed fan unit and air intake on door and side panel

6.       cable entry in top and base

7.       cable holder inside for convenient cabling

8.       single front and rear door, quick released side panel

9.       doors and side panels open with one key

10.   Surface finish: The degreasing, pickling, phosphoric, powder coated;

11.   Material: SPCC cold rolling steel plate, mounting angle: 2.0mm, others is 1.2mm

12.   Color: black or other colors available


ANSI/EIA;RS-310-D;IEC297-2; DIN41491:PART1;DIN41494:PART7;GB/T3047.2-92 stand

Contains: Front Glass Door or Steel door with holes
Standard Accessories:
2 or 4 Fans on top
2 or 4 shelves
1  Piece of required standard PDU
30 x Screws