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Metal Cable Manager 1U

Metal Cable Manager 1U
Number: LK0CM023002
  • Product introduction

Metal Cable Manager 1U


1) The cable management is a molded frame which is placed between each 110 wiring block and at the top of each column of 110 blocks.

2) It served as a horizontal trough for routing of patch cords and cross-connect wire. It mounts on standard 19" racks or cabinets and provided a clean, beautiful and simple means of organizing from small to large bundles of cables and patch cord.



1) Plastic cable management, 1U, 2U;

2) 19" rack mountable;

3) Material: plastic ABS;

4) Easy to install, and can save installation expense.

5) Cable management meets with ISO9001, ROHS, CE, UL, ETL standard

6) Light weight, easy to install or remove



1)used for network communication in telecommunication field, Gigabit Ethernet, together with Patch Panel, Face Plate, Patch Cord, Cable Management, Cat5e/Cat6 Cables, RJ45 Keystone Jack, etc.