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Surface Mounting Telephone Box

Surface Mounting Telephone Box
Number: LK0FPU3016601
  • Product introduction

Surface Mounting Telephone Box

A. Single port RJ11/6P2C jack.
B. With gel including contact and conductor.
C. Waterproof, Tooless type

1. Specifications

Gel filled inside
Dimension: 55
× 50× 22mm

2. Mechanical Performance
Socket Material: PC( UL94V-0)
Box Material: ABS
Oxygen Number: 30%
Chemical Resistance Corrosion: Corrosion Test is in compliance with IEC-60068-2-11 standard, contact resistance, following completion of the test, not increase for more than1 Milliohm with regard to the initial contact resistance quantity.
Finishing: 6u", 15u", 30u", 50u"
Contact Pressure
(plug termination side): 4.5-5.5N/sp. M
Treatment Porosity: Fill with gel
Male Plug Introduction: RJ11 6P2C
Shocks Resistance: 55-64N/sp. M
Free Drop Test: 1.5m Height.
Insertion Force: 20-50N.



3. Electrical Performance
Insulation Resistance: R
1000M Ohm
High Current Holding: 8/20us Wave (10KV)
Contact Resistance: R
5m ohm
Dielectric Strength: 1000V DC 60s can't spark over and haven't fly arc

4. Environment Characteristic
Storage Temperature Range: -40+90
º C
Operating Temperature Range: -30+80
º C
Relative Humidity: <95%(at20)
Atmospheric: Pressure: 70KPa106KPa