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FC Fiber Optic Adapter SM SIMPLEX

FC Fiber Optic Adapter SM SIMPLEX
Number: LK02FC101-3
  • Product introduction

FC Fiber Optic AdapterSMSIMPLEX


1. Low insertion loss and back reflection loss

2. Ferrule end surface pre-domed

3. Precision anti-rotation key

4. Nickel plated brass body

5. Telcordia style boots

6. Free-floating ceramic ferrule


Gigabit Ethernet; Active device termination; Telecommunication networks; Video; Multimedia; Industrial; Military; Premise installations;

Parameter table

                        Singlemode        Multimode

Insertion loss:             0.1dB         0.15dB

Return loss:              ≥55dB                     


Durability: 0.1dB typical change,500 mating

Operating Temperature:-40 to +75                   -40 to +75

Ordering choice:

FC     SM        SX      PC

        MM       DX     APC

Key Ring: Tunable; Fixed

Ferrule size: 125.0μm, 125.3μm, 125.5μm 126.0μm, 127.0μm, 128.0μm

Boot type: slotted boot, smooth boot.

Boot size: 0.9mm; 2.0mm; 3.0mm

Boot color: Beige; Black; Blue; Grey; Red; White; Yellow

Ferrule end (for APC): 8 degree angled; Not angled