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86 Type Bottom Box

86 Type Bottom Box
Number: LK0FP00010101
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86 Type Bottom Box



86 type mounting box

Network RJ45 FacePlate 
Keystone Jack Flush 
Mounted Plate Box 
Surface Mounted Box 
Fiber Management Tray


1) Used to match various modules or to be part of combinations in multi-media 
2) Arc surface and pleasant appearance
3) Interface protected from dust
4) Inlaid labels for convenient identification
5) K86 and 120 to be mounted or buried
6) 1 port or 2 ports optional

FacePlate,Facaplate,Single Gang FacePlate 1,2,3,4,6 Ports
Single gang faceplate with one, two, four and six port configurations support the
use of STAR600 modules as well as all other SpeedStar and FlexPlate jack modules.

Keystone Jack Flush Mounted Plate Decora Type


Products Description


Use this mount box like you would use a outlet face plate to cover and connect keystone connectors to the wall and make a nice neat looking wiring for the house or office. The mount boxes features a compact, easy to install design. Components can be installed into the base .