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Number: LK-PVCTK038
  • Product introduction

LK-PVCTK038 PVC cable trunking 40*40A MM



1. PVC cable trunking, cable duct, conduit
2.have different color
3.Material: PVC (UPVC)
4.Provide OEM tooling service

pvc trunking
1.pvc material
2.delivery time10-20days
3.no break when bend
4.fire-proof,corrosion resistance


pvc trunking

PVC Trunking Product Introduction:

1).Material: Making of PVC Plastic

2).Standard: IEC 61084-2-1

3).Appearance: Square, Color nice and beautiful, decent packaging

4).Use: For internal wiring, protecting the wire under 1200v

5).Effect: After using, wiring easily and trimly, installing reliably, and is convenient for maintaining and searching and exchanging

6).Lifetime: Normal use life can be up to 50 years


PVC Trunking Product Features:

1). Toughness: If you bend, cannot be easier to break

2).Hardness: Under pressure ability, high impact resistance

3).Fire-resistance: Flame-retardant PVC resin, highly combustion-retardant, quickly self-extinguishing

4).Corrosion resistance: moisture, acid and alkali resistance,, assuring a lower maintenance cost and a longer performance life

5).Non-conductive: excellent electricity insulation, which resist 25kv voltage, assuring a safe system

6).Installation: easy to open and close, convenient push-pull, installed with solvent cementing and threading joining