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fiber optic faceplate

fiber optic faceplate
Number: LK05ST10201
  • Product introduction

Fiber Faceplate


1. ST Type, 2 ports

2. Material: ABS

3. SIZE: 86*86

Product type

1. The structure of fiber optic faceplates conform international 86 type

2. Suitable for the installation multi-type coupler ST, SC, FC, LC simplex and duplex

3. The Installation can be used in the cable system

4. Embedded surface structure, easy to install;


1. Fiber panel is the terminal products which mainly achieve the solution from fiber to desk

2. The design of interior space is reasonable

3 And use in home or work areaachieve the access of dual-core optical fiber and ports output

4 fully meet the requirements of the fiber optic bend radius, and protect optical fiber in or out

5 to provide security protection for the core, radius of curvature is Appropriate, a small amount of redundant is allowed, then achieve FTTD system application


Product Features

1. Use in home or work area (FTTD) fiber optic connector

2. Connector type: FC, SC, ST, with a commonly used model adapter.

3 using the high quality PC (flame-retardant polycarbonate) material, can protect against fire

4. with dust-proof device, to prevent dust from entering.

5. with the identification strips, easy ID management and maintenance use.

6. Has a high efficiency of the transmission Interstage coupling loss, clear true picture, zero thickness,

7. Optical fiber panel box as low light level image intensifier optical input, output window


Application area


1 Telecommunications network, LAN networks, optical fiber communication systems

2 Fiber optic test equipment / instrumentation

3. Fiber CATV, fiber optic sensors

4. Four fiber-optic broadband access networks, FTTH fiber to the home

5. Fiber patch panel, rack and wall mount fiber optic wiring unit


Technical data

1.insert loss≤0.3dB (PC) 0.2dB(UPC)<0.2dB(APC)     ≤0.3dB(Multimode)

2.return loss≥40dBPC≥50dBUPC≥60dBAPC ≥35dBMultimode

3. Interchangeability≤0.2dB

4.termperature):-40 to 80

5.install temperature):-40 to 85

6. Fiber OD: 125μm (652 & 657)

7. Tight cladding diameter: 125μm & 900μm

8. Suitable mode: single mode & multimode

9. Tensile strength >50N

10. Adapter: SC & FC

11. Output connector: 2

FC type fiber optic panel