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Deluxe Anaerobic Field Quick Termination Kit (For SC/ST/FC and LC Connectors)

Deluxe Anaerobic Field Quick Termination Kit (For SC/ST/FC and LC Connectors)
Number: LK-6015
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These kits are complete anaerobic field termination solutions, designed for field Engineers, containing all the required tools for field terminations and/or repairs. The use of Anaerobic Adhesive eliminates the need for curing ovens, reduces curing and termination time and, hence, reduces over all down time for the customer. Both kits are suitable for MM and SM. This fiber optic tool kit includes the essential items you need for fast and efficient termination of anaerobic style connectors.



Highly Portable

No Curing Oven Needed, Using Anaerobic Installation Method

Fast Curing Times

Professional Quality Hand Tools

Suitable for both MM and SM 1.25mm/2.5mm ferrule types.









Part No.           Description                                                              Q'ty

1. Fiber optic stripper CFS-2/1pc

2. KEVLAR Scissor KC-1/1pc

3. Cabide Scribe Tool TTK-174A/1pc

4."Tri-Hole" Fiber Optic Stripper TTK-158/1pc

5. Fiber Jacket Stripper HW-502/1pc

6. Universal Connector Crimp Tool PK-301J/1pc

7. Buffer tube stripper 45-162/1pc

8. Round Cable Jacket Stripper HT-325/1pc

9.400x Universal fiber microscope/1pc

10.1.25mm adapter for 400x Microscope/1pc

11. Flexible piano wire/3pcs

12. Precision tweezer/1pc

13. IPA Fiber Cleaning Wipes (Pre-Moistened)/10bags

14. KimWipes 280piece/box/1box

15. NTT fiber optic connector cleaner/1pc

16. Cleaning Swabs/100pcs

17. Alcohol dispensing bottle with locked/1pc

18. Water Bottle/1pc

19. Anaerobic Adhesive Hardener 50ml/1pc

20. Anaerobic Primer 4.5oz/1pc

21. Epoxy Application Syringe 3ml/10sets

22.15µm Polish Film/10sheets10sheets

23.5µm Polish Film/10sheets10sheets

24.1µm Polish Film/10sheets10sheets

25.0.02µm Polish Film/10sheets10sheets

26.2.5mm Universal Polish Puck/1pc

27.1.25 or SMA905 polish puck/1pc

28. Rubber Polish Pad/1pc

29. Glass Polish Plat/1pc

30. Safety Glasses/1pc

31.3M Electrician Tape/1pc

32. Utility knife/1pc

33. Utility component box/1pc

34. Black Marker/1pc

35. Carrying Case (430×330×135mm)/1pc