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LK650-5Visual Fault Locator

LK650-5Visual Fault Locator
Number: LK650-5 Visual Fault Locator
  • Product introduction

The BOB-VFL650-5 series stainless steel fiber fault locator is specially designed for site operation workers who need an efficient and economical tool for fiber tracing, fiber routing and continuity checking in an optical network during and after installation. This product has advantages of long using life, solid structure, portability, and it is the ideal choice of site operation workers



1) MQW LD optical source

2) Operating mode: CW and MOD

3) 2.5mm FC, SC, ST General interface

4) Steady power output

5) Sturdy and durable stainless steel shell

6) Nano technology, multi-ply ESD protection

7) With interface protecting device

8) Pen pattern design, convenient for use and carry



1) Locate the fiber failure, such as fracture and bend

2) Failure inspection in OTDR blind zone

3) Fiber recognition from head face to end face

4) Mechanical transition point optimization



1) Telecom, CATV project

2) PDS construction and maintenance

3) Optical component manufacture and research

4) Other fiber project