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6 core fiber optic distribution frame

6 core fiber optic distribution frame
Number: LK07W101-6
  • Product introduction

Wall type 6 core
Brief introduction
The fiber optic distribution frame, in one hand, there is the fiber optic cable, the other end is the pigtail, it is a equipment that one cable split into a single optical fiber.
the user cable terminal box mounted on the wall, whose function is to provide fiber transfer of welding and optical fiber splicing, fiber and pigtail connector. And fiber and its components to provide mechanical protection and environmental protection, and allow for proper inspection, so can keep high standard management of fiber optic
Product Features:
1.Unique connection module design, 2.long fiber around the fiber disk for installing
3. the pigtail coiled and traces arranged in orderly, no disturb each other. 4.benifical for the routing of the fiber management.
1.Fiber to the home (FTTH)
2.Optical fiber LAN
3.Various types of optical fiber communication systems