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Fiber optic patch cable brief introduction

Fiber patch cable is the fiber which connects the computer with equipment. , it is very convenient to connect and manage, thicker layer of protection, generally used in the connection between the Optical and the terminal box.

Fiber Jumper structure
1.it’s structure is similar with the structure of coaxial cable, both of them do not mesh shield.

2. The center is glass core of light transferring

3. Core diameter of Multimode fiber is 15μm ~ 50μm,

4. Core diameter of Single-mode fiber is 8μm ~ 10μm.

5. The core surrounded by a layer of glass envelope with lower refractive index, so the fiber remained in the core

6. A thin plastic coat outside is used to protect the envelope.

Fiber jumper Category

Transmission medium:

1. Silicon fiber optic jumper

2. Plastic fiber optic jumper

Based on connector:

FC patch cable、SC patch cable、ST patch cable、LC patch cable、MTRJ patch cable、MPO patch cable、MU patch cable、SMA patch cable、FDDI patch cable、E2000patch cable、DIN4patch cable、D4patch cable and so on。

Normal fiber optic patch cable: FC-FC、FC-SC、FC-LC、FC-ST、SC-SC、SC-ST and so on

Based on Cable outer sheath material:

Ordinary type, the common flame retardant type, low smokes zero halogen type, low smoke zero halogen flame retardant type.

Based on Patch cable length:0.5m、1m、2m、3m、5m、10m


Based on single mode or multi-mode:

1.    Single mode: color yellow can describe fiber optic patch cable, the color of connector and out jacket is blue, long distance transferring.

2.    Multi-mode: color orange or gray can describe fiber optic patch cable, the color of connector and out jacket is black, short distance transferring.

Based on Fiber patch cable using notes: 
1. the fiber optic patch cable can not over-bending and circling, it will increase the attenuation of light in the transmission process.
2. Wave length of fiber optic module in two ends must be consistent. It means two ends of fiber optic module must be same.

3. The out jacket of connector must be used to protect against dust and oil damaging the optical fiber coupling.

Characteristics of optical fiber patch cable
1. Low insertion loss
2 good repeatability
3.big Return Loss
4.Mutual insert performance
5 good temperature stability

Fiber optic patch cable Application

1. An optical fiber communication system
2. Optical access network
3. Fiber-optic data transmission
4. Fiber optic CATV
5. A local area network (LAN) 
6. Test equipment
7. Fiber optic sensors

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