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Heat Shrink Closure For Non-Pressurised cable

Heat Shrink Closure For Non-Pressurised cable
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RSBJ 500/550/530 reinforced heat shrinkable joint closure for unpressurized copper networks which is designed to provide tightness and environmental and mechanical protection for splices on telecommunication cables in network.

The reinforced closures have been developed to meet stringent demands in cable networks.

For this Purpose, a PE with fibre has been integrated in the heat-shrinkable sleeve.

This increase the split resistance during shrinking and its mechanical strength.

The inner side of the sleeve is coated with hot-melt adhesive which provides a watertight and secure bonding to plastic and metal-sheathed cable.

>suitable for unpressurized cables, aerial, buried or ducted, non-filled or jelly-filled,

with metal or polyethylene sheaths.

>Of super composite fibre structure and secondary sealing,with excellent mechanical strength, tear-resistant, shrinkage and resistance to weathering;

>The sealing employs high-quality imported Germany Henkel gel;

>Offers quick and easy application using an innovative closure mechanism;

>The white line on the inner side of the rail bar and heat sensitive paint on the exterior of the product may guide the proper operation;

>Minimum fully recovery temperature: 120℃;

>Standard color: Black.


resistance to any type of flame and mechanical abuse during and after the installation.

free of defects, pinholes, bubbles, cracks or inclusion visible with the unaided eyes.

internally coated with a flexible, heat-activated adhesive which will melt and adhere to the cable sheath to form an air and water proof seal.

The sleeves coated externally with a heat-sensitive thermo chromic indicator which will change colour when adequate heat has been applied.

not change to its original colour upon cooling or when placed in contact with water

The heat-sensitive thermo chromic not emit toxic fume when heated

1         Heat shrinkable sleeve
2.      Metal canister/Plastic liner /cardboard line

3          stainless steel channel clip

4          Self adhering aluminum closing strip

5.   Nylon blinding strip

6     branching clips

7          abrasive strip

8          cleaning tissue, shielding wire

9          branch-off kit

10      PVC adhesive tape

11      aluminum foil

12      Installation procedure

13      Desiccants     14 Insulation Paper   15 Measuring Aid/Bond Line Gauge.


other sizes, are available on customer requirements.

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Metal canister/Plastic liner /cardboard liner / size, material are available on

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